Online Classroom And Collaborative Whiteboard

Share. Collaborate. Explain.

SharedBoard is a new generation online classroom and collaborative whiteboard with video conferencing. There is more! We have many helpful tools to keep you focused and connected to others.


Upload Documents

You can upload images and PDF documents and draw/write on these documents

Control Permissions

You have full control over what participants can do in the room.

Schedule sessions

Schedule sessions, invite others, so we will send notifications and every one knows when the session starts.

White Label Integration

Are you looking a whiteboard solution to integrate into your software? SharedBoard can easily be integrated into other applications and can be controlled over Rest APIs. It contains no logo or trade marks when integrated and this helps seamless integration with your UIs.

Detailed statistics of sessions

You will have detailed statistics of the sessions you performed with non attending users list, durations of attendees, even durations for camera, microphone usage and hand rise count.

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Never miss any session.

You can schedule sessions (recurring or once) and then we will send notifications to participants show the upcoming lessons for the day and the time left to the session.

You have a calendar to see the weeks plan. You can see/edit your schedules, see who is joining / not joining and other details any time.

Connect anytime anywhere

Sharedboard works on your browser and you don't need to install
any software to use it It works on tablets and smart phones as well as desktops PCs

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